WILMINGTON, Del., Nov. 8, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — DealerStrip.com is pleased to cater to private car buyers and sellers, as well as dealers interested in buying, selling, and trading, by offering unique features and advantages to all parties involved.  The vast network of buyers and sellers represented on the DealerStrip.com platform opens doors for mutually beneficial dealings that allow individuals to maximize trade-in and buying power while providing dealers with unparalleled opportunities to fill consumer needs in their own markets and offload inventory via wholesale trading.  With categories for new, used, luxury, exotic, and classic cars, DealerStrip.com caters to all kinds of dealers, and a bevy of features tailored to retail and wholesale alike ensure innumerable advantages for those who partner with DealerStrip.com.

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Wholesale Advantages
DealerStrip.com offers dealers both retail and wholesale tools designed to facilitate efficient operations and maximize profits.  Desirable vehicles can be listed for sale, but what about inventory that has been sitting for a while, or new trade-ins that don’t command the same attention as brand-new vehicles?  This is where DealerStrip.com shines with wholesale features meant to increase profitability.

Old inventory and trade-ins can be listed as trades via the wholesale platform, creating opportunities for other dealers to bid on stock that may be more desirable and saleable in their local markets.  This means dealers can offload inventory that is not moving in order to free up space and maximize profits.  On the purchasing side, dealers gain access to inventory that they can actually sell in their market, increasing their profits, as well.  It’s a win-win situation that revolves around a network connecting dealers for mutually beneficial wholesale trading.

Sales managers and associates will never tire of this incredibly useful feature that opens the door to sales and profits that might never be possible otherwise.  Ease of use and the potential for profit are two great reasons for dealers to partner with DealerStrip.com and take advantage of unique wholesale features.

Wanted Ads
Dealers want to do all they can to finalize sales and ensure customer satisfaction.  This means finding the makes, models, and features consumers are seeking.  When a customer enters a dealership looking for a hard-to-find vehicle like an anniversary edition Lamborghini Countach or the latest Lincoln Navigator Black Label, a good dealer wants to deliver.  With wanted ads, dealers can simply enter qualifying information and wait for suitable matches to come forward.  Instead of spending hours calling and searching to find a precise vehicle, dealers can enjoy the efficiency and the vast scope of wanted ads.

Unlimited Listings
Unlike other online platforms, DealerStrip.com offers transparent pricing and unlimited listings.  Dealers will never be subjected to fluctuating prices that penalize them for their success by increasing pricing based on sales.  When dealers pay to join DealerStrip.com, it doesn’t matter if they list a hundred cars or a thousand – they gain the ability to list unlimited retail, trade, and wanted ads.

In addition, dealers can post 360 degree listings.  This feature, powered by SpinCar, allows dealers to capture footage inside and outside the car in just a few minutes and post it to ads to create a virtual walkaround, allowing viewers to get the showroom experience that provides a complete 360-degree view inside and outside the vehicle.

Dealer Dashboard and Profile Page
In addition to unlimited listings, wanted ads, and retail and wholesale advantages, DealerStrip.com provides dealer dashboards and profile pages that deliver a slew of useful features aimed at maximizing efficiency and profits for dealers.  With the dashboard, dealers can add multiple users to the account and monitor the activities of sales associates with ease.  They can also manage leads, sync inventory at a single click, set notifications to be instantly informed when wanted cars are posted, and even create mailing campaigns.

The dealer profile page is essentially a mini site on the DealerStrip.com platform, complete with features like a dealer blog, pics and videos of showrooms and employees, and social media coordination thanks to account syncing.  With transparent pricing, innovative and comprehensive features, and a platform designed to cater to the needs of dealers, DealerStrip.com makes it easy to buy, sell, and trade online, maximizing convenience, efficiency, and earning potential.

About Dealer Strip:  Dealer Strip is an online platform facilitating connections for individuals and dealerships interested in buying, selling, and trading automobiles.  Categories range from new and used vehicles to luxury, exotic, and classic cars.  Transparent pricing, unlimited listings, and other innovative features designed specifically for consumer and retail clients set Dealer Strip apart from competitors, providing a superior car buying or selling experience.  Dealer Strip proudly gives consumers and dealerships the power to create mutually beneficial deals with access to an extensive network of buyers, sellers, and vehicle listings.  For more information, visit: https://dealerstrip.com/


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