WILMINGTON, Del., Nov. 1, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — DealerStrip.com caters to both consumer and retail clients with features designed to meet the needs of anyone seeking a convenient and beneficial means of buying, selling, and trading new or used vehicles.  For consumers, specifically, DealerStrip.com delivers an array of valuable and attractive features that mean the difference between disappointment and a successful and gratifying experience.  Consumers that partner with DealerStrip.com will enjoy greater buying power, reduced time and expense associated with purchases, and an experience designed with customer satisfaction in mind.


Buying Power

Comparison shopping at local dealerships can be a limiting and frustrating experience for consumers, especially those seeking top trade-in value for a used vehicle and/or looking for specific makes, models, and features for a new car.  DealerStrip.com proudly helps consumers to maximize their buying power by facilitating connections with an extensive network of dealerships and private buyers and sellers alike.  Consumers can not only search for the precise vehicles and features they want, including new, used, luxury, exotic, and classic cars, but they can also seek out the greatest possible value for sale or trade-in vehicles that may be in higher demand in other markets.

Free, Unlimited Listings

There’s no better way for consumers to sell or trade a vehicle than with the free, unlimited listings offered by DealerStrip.com.  When consumers create free listings for retail sale or trade-in, they have the opportunity to field bids, increasing earnings, and maximizing value.  Consumers that simply aren’t getting traction in their local market could significantly improve outcomes by listing with DealerStrip.com and tapping into a vast network of potential buyers.

Wanted Ads

Automobiles are a major purchase, and consumers want to get the most for their money.  DealerStrip.com makes it easy with wanted ads that allow customers to input the make, model, year, and features they’re seeking so sellers with suitable vehicles can present options for purchasing.  Consumers need not spend countless hours tediously searching for a specific vehicle.  All they have to do is enter the information once, post a wanted ad, and wait for sellers to approach them.

360 Degree Listings

Consumers worried about purchasing a car sight unseen will appreciate the 360 degree listings powered by SpinCar, a feature that provides 360-degree interior and exterior views.  With the aid of VR goggles, consumers will feel like they’re inside the showroom, and even the vehicle itself, approximating the experience of visiting a car lot without ever leaving the comfort of home.

About DealerStrip.com:  Dealer Strip is an online platform facilitating connections for individuals and dealerships interested in buying, selling, and trading automobiles.  Categories range from new and used vehicles to luxury, exotic, and classic cars.  Transparent pricing, unlimited listings, and other innovative features designed specifically for consumer and retail clients set Dealer Strip apart from competitors, providing a superior car buying or selling experience.  Dealer Strip proudly gives consumers and dealerships the power to create mutually beneficial deals with access to an extensive network of buyers, sellers, and vehicle listings.  For more information, visit: https://dealerstrip.com/


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